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At Abbey Green, we strive to produce quality purebred mini lop rabbits that are true to type, with good health and temperament. Mini lop rabbits are the smallest breed with lopped ears and the show standard maximum adult weight is 1.6kg. The dwarf lop is a bigger breed, weighing 1.93-2.38kg. Mini lops are highly suited as pets due to their outgoing, affectionate and inquisitive nature. They are very intelligent and can be trained (litter box, tricks, come to name etc).

Please read the Purchase Information section under the For Sale tab before contacting Abbey Green. 

This page will likely answer many of your questions, thankyou. 


Is a rabbit the right pet for my family?
The average life expectancy of a rabbit is 7-10years, requiring daily care. While they don't require walking, and wont bark to disrupt the neighbours, there are important care requirements to ensure your rabbit has a long and happy life.
Read our care info section to get a sense of whats involved. 

A happy and affectionate rabbit is one that has regular, gentle social interaction and stimulation (eg. playtime and cuddles) in addition to it's basic needs being met (safety, a clean shelter, appropriate diet and fresh water, vet care as needed). The more love and gentle attention you give a rabbit, the more friendly and interactive it will be. If you have young children, supervision will be needed to ensure the rabbit is handled safely. Rabbits make great pets if you understand and cater to their requirements.

Our babies are handled daily to ensure they are friendly and calm.

Which breed is suitable?

Mini lops are a small, lop eared breed who are very intelligent and interactive. Smaller than dwarf lops, they can be trained to use a litter box, come to their name, and perform basic tricks. Mini lops are generally well suited for children as they are naturally inquisitive, and fairly robust for their size. Their nature is often described like that of a dog as they tend to be very people orientated and will usually seek out attention. They are super intelligent and great fun for all ages.  The more affection you give, the more you will receive. 

So how do we make it happen?
Please scroll down the page to see the babies who are available for adoption. If you see a  bunny that you might like to meet, check out the Purchase Information and contact us VIA SMS OR EMAIL to arrange a visit.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the rabbit of your choice. Rabbits are not considered sold until deposit is received (cash or bank transfer, NO eftpos sorry). 


Black Buck

Chocolate Chinchilla Buck


Lilac Butterfly Doe
DOB 28/6/15 (2 years)      Just vaccinated
Beautiful and compact little girl from excellent bloodlines
Shy but good natured. Never been aggressive or bitten. Not desexed, but is social and enjoys the company of other bunnies, so could be bonded with a desexed male or another female.

$65 includes transition feed, care sheet, nails clipped, teeth checked, treated for parasites, and pet follow up support.

Remember, the average life expectancy of a rabbit is 7-10years, requiring daily care. They are looking for long term responsible homes where they will be treated with love. An adult must assume responsibility for the rabbit. Please do not offer our precious rabbits a home unless you are able to provide the lifelong care they deserve. Thanks for your consideration.