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Abbey Green Rabbit Stud offer experienced boarding facilities for both rabbits and guinea pigs. We are often referred to as the 'Rabbit Whisperer' due to our wealth of knowledge and ability to gently handle and calm even the most timid or flighty rabbit. The majority of our holiday-makers are repeat guests, or new families who come through recommendation from friends and vets. Think of us as your bunny's 'Home-Away-From-Home'.

Abbey Green Rabbit Stud has 15 years experience keeping rabbits and guinea pigs, including breeding and showing. We offer  boarding facilities, providing excellent quality, affordable care, and love all boarding animals as if they were our own. We provide tailored, individualised care and aim to maintain your pet’s usual routine. We provide an enriched lifestyle and support health and wellbeing through attention/cuddles, toys and tunnels, and regular time outside the hutch. We are happy to provide free care information, including general health and diet advice for your pet.

Abbey Green care includes: - 

  • Spacious hutches which are cleaned daily
  • Full protection from the weather (kept dry, warm and free from draughts in winter, & come inside into air-con over hot summer months - essential for comfort and safety) 
  • Daily exercise in the shady garden
  • Variety of feed options to choose from (pellets, chaff based mix, oaten/lucerne hay, fresh veggies & herbs)
  • Daily handling, cuddles and play
  • Complimentary nail clipping
  • Basic short hair grooming*

* Additional fees apply for long hair grooming (eg cashmere), advanced grooming options (bath/hair cut), and medication administration. Special needs/higher level care pets welcome.

** PLEASE NOTE: Rabbits & guinea pigs will not have direct contact with any other rabbit or guinea pig during their stay. They will have their own hutch and individual exercise time, unless boarding with their usual hutch-mate. Pets can be stressed or fight during interaction with unfamiliar animals.
*** Rabbit vaccinations must be current for the duration of stay.

Please contact me on [email protected] or 0412 907 704 (sms preferred) to arrange a viewing.


Limited vacancies so please book early in peak periods to avoid disappointment.



Due to the increased risk posed by the National RHD Boost Program
* Vaccination will become mandatory for all rabbits guests from 1st Oct 2016 *
Thankyou for your understanding in helping us maintain your rabbit's health and wellbeing


Whilst all care is taken, there are inherent risks in transporting and boarding animals. Rabbits and guinea pigs may be at heightened risk of illness secondary to stress of boarding. During the time that the rabbit/guinea pig(s) is/are in the care of Abbey Green, Abbey Green shall not be liable for any sickness, disease, theft, death or injury which may be suffered by the animal.  The owner(s) fully understand that all risks relating to boarding of animal(s) are to be borne by the owner(s). The owner(s) warrants that the animal(s) shall be free from infection, contagious or transmittable diseases. Abbey Green reserves the right to refuse an animal(s) access upon the premises that does not appear to Abbey Green to be in good health. The owner(s) acknowledgement and acceptance of this responsibility is indicated through confirmation of a boarding booking.