Abbey Green Rabbit Stud

Purebred Mini Lop & Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Past Adult Bunnies at Abbey Green

The rabbits pictured here have contributed to the Abbey Green breeding program by developing type, temperament and colours. 

Many have retired into loving pet homes, moved into other breeding programs or are living out their retirement at Abbey Green.

Harmony "Issie"
Siamese Sable Buck

Erinlea "Winston"
Blue Point Buck

Abbey Green "Darcy"
Chocolate Buck

Rayzor "Tander"
Siamese Sable Buck

Narview "Coby"
Black Buck

Lilacglen "Galaxy"
Chocolate Buck

Erinlea "Barnabus"
Blue Buck

Siamese Sable Butterfly Doe

Abbey Green "Shiraz"
Chocolate Doe

Abbey Green "Little Arthur"
Blue Fawn Buck

Abbey Green 'Snowflake'
Seal Point Doe

Chocolate Buck

Abbey Green "Charlie Brown"
Chocolate Tort Buck

Narview "Billie Boy"
Black Buck

Droopy Ears "Rambo"
Japanese Harlequin

Droopy Ears "Harvey"
Blue Harlequin

Chocolate Otter Buck

Abbey Green "Benjamin"
Seal Point

Abbey Green "REW Boy"
Ruby Eyed White
WINNER: 26/6/11 Best in Show U14wks; 28/8/11 Best Lop

Abbey Green "Sienna"
Chocolate Doe
WINNER: Best in Show U14wks

Top Lops "Chelsea"
Blue Otter Doe

Abbey Green "Heidi"
Blue Doe

Narview "Princesse"
Sooty Fawn Doe