Abbey Green Rabbit Stud

Purebred Mini Lop & Netherland Dwarf Rabbits


Why Choose Abbey Green?

All kits bred at Abbey Green come from quality, purebred parentage, and are cared for to a high standard.  The health, quality and temperament of my rabbits is always my primary focus.  I aim to breed rabbits that are a happy, healthy and true representation of their breed. Over the past 15 years of breeding rabbits, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge regarding the various health issues rabbits may encounter, and have worked hard to minimise the risk within my breeding lines. 

Maintaining a rabbitry is a significant commitment. I spend many hours each day in my hobby, caring for my rabbits and researching to ensure I provide optimal care and follow up support.

How Much Do The Kits Cost?

Our prices reflect the time and costs of caring for our rabbits to a high standard. All money raised goes back into the rabbitry, to enable us to maintain the health and wellbeing of our rabbits, and continue our hobby goal of producing quality rabbits with excellent type and temperament. Running costs include air con, premium feed and veggies, bedding, vaccinations and vet bills, cleaning products, hutch maintenance, to name a few. The majority of our breeding stock is from highly sought after, quality Eastern state bloodlines, which is air freighted to Perth. 


All Abbey Green babies come with first vaccinations at 4 and 8 weeks of age, initial food, 

care information, treated for parasites, teeth checked, nails clipped, 

and pet follow up support from a breeder with 16 years of experience. 


Additional Vaccination against Calicivirus (RHDV1/RHDV1 K5) at 12weeks of age ADD $55ea


Additional Vaccination, 2kg Bag Feed Mix, XL 3kg Bag of Oaten Hay, Healthy Rabbit Treats ADD $90ea


Just need feed, hay or treats? CLICK HERE

Please see HERE for further vaccination information.

How Do I Adopt An Abbey Green Bunny?

As a general rule, we like for people to visit and meet the rabbit they are considering to adopt. This gives you the opportunity to get a feel for their personality and discuss any questions you might have. It also allows us to get a sense of the homes that are being offered, to help us ensure our bunnies are a good fit and going to have a wonderful happy life ahead filled with binkies! 

We understand that its not always convenient to visit, or you may have your heart set on a particular bunny and don't want to risk missing out. In these cases, we ask that you provide a little information about the home you are offering, and we can arrange for a deposit via bank transfer. 

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the rabbit of your choice. Please note, rabbits are not considered sold until a deposit is received. Rabbits are to be collected within 7 days of release date, after which time boarding fees will apply. Pedigrees can be made available for registered members on request for $10 admin fee. We reserve the right to refuse sale. Please note, whilst all care is taken, sex of kits cannot be guaranteed.

Abbey Green Rabbit Stud is a hobby, not a business, which requires a significant committment of our time, so please respect that we may not be able to respond to your enquiry immediately. Sms or email are preferred and will get the fastest response.

Can We Visit The Rabbitry?

RHDV2 was been confirmed within Western Australia in August 2016.
As a result, we are now running a CLOSED rabbitry to help protect our rabbits until the new vaccination is available. While we already have protective measures in place (flyscreens, bug zappers, residual insecticide, use of the RHDV1 vaccine), the risk of transmission can be further reduced by limiting visitors.This means no visitors to the rabbitry; only essential caretakers. 

Thankyou to those people who have previously viewed our rabbitry; we enjoy showing off our rabbits and are very proud of our set up and the way our rabbits are maintained. Until the new RHDV2 specific vaccine is available to mitigate the risk, we will no longer be allowing visitors in our rabbitry. Rabbits offered for sale can be viewed prior to adoption separate to the rabbitry. 

Boarding will remain available, however boarding guests will be housed in a designated area and strict bioseciurity measures in place.

Please be mindful of keeping your own furry families safe 💕

For optimal health and wellbeing, rabbit kits must be a minimum of 8 weeks of age before rehoming. Did you know, like a puppy or kitten, a rabbit requires time with it's mother and siblings to establish a healthy immune system, essential digestive flora, and important social skills?