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Site updated 14 Dec 2018

Which breed is suitable?

Abbey Green produces mini lop, mini plush lop, and netherland dwarf rabbits. From time to time, we may have adult rabbits available for re-homing (rescue/rehome or retired from breeding). 

Mini lops are a small, lop eared breed who are very intelligent and interactive. Smaller than dwarf lops, they can be trained to use a litter box, come to their name, and perform basic tricks. Mini lops are generally well suited for children as they are naturally inquisitive, and fairly robust for their size. Their nature is often described like that of a dog as they tend to be very people orientated and will usually seek out attention. They are super intelligent and great fun for all ages.  The more affection you give, the more you will receive.  

The mini plush lop is also great for families who are more prone to allergies due to their unique hypo-allergenic velvet coat.  Mini plush lops are a relatively new breed, which combines the best traits of the mini lop and mini rex, to create a friendly, interactive and visually appealing rabbit with lopped ears and a soft, short, hypoallergenic velvet coat. It was a breed in development since the 1990's, until the hard work and persistence of devoted breeders paid off and they were accepted in Australia in 2014. 

The Netherland Dwarf is the smallest rabbit variety in Australia with a show maximum of 1.1kg. They are packed with personality, and are characterised by short stubby ears, their small size and bold eyes. The netherland tends to be a very clean rabbit, who keeps their hutch tidy and is easy to litter train. A little more fragile in bone structure than a lop, but well muscled, giving a cobby appearance. Their size means they are best suited for older children and adults, or children who are very gentle. The netherland dwarf was once described as a timid breed, however selective breeding over many years has seen their temperament become more calm and friendly. They are often described like a cat, in that they are happy to be held and can be very affectionate, but they can be a little more independent than a lop.

Mini Lop Rabbits

At Abbey Green, we strive to produce quality purebred mini lop rabbits that are true to type, with good health and temperament. Mini lop rabbits are the smallest breed with lopped ears and the show standard maximum adult weight is 1.6kg. The dwarf lop is a bigger breed, weighing 1.93-2.38kg. Mini lops are highly suited as pets due to their outgoing, affectionate and inquisitive nature. They are very intelligent and can be trained (litter box, tricks, come to name).

Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Our netherland dwarf rabbits are true to type, with good health and temperament. Netherland dwarf rabbits are the smallest breed suitable as pets, with the show standard maximum adult weight of 1.1kg. They are small enough to fit in an adult's hand and are characterised by their cute short stubby ears and compact bodies.  They can make loving pets and tend to have very clean habits. 

Please read the Purchase Information section before contacting Abbey Green. 

This page will likely answer many of your questions, thankyou. 

Is a rabbit the right pet for my family?
The average life expectancy of a rabbit is 7-10years, requiring daily care. While they don't require walking, and wont bark to disrupt the neighbours, there are important care requirements to ensure your rabbit has a long and happy life.
Read our care info section to get a sense of whats involved. 

A happy and affectionate rabbit is one that has regular, gentle social interaction and stimulation (eg. playtime and cuddles) in addition to it's basic needs being met (safety, a clean shelter, appropriate diet and fresh water, vet care as needed). The more love and gentle attention you give a rabbit, the more friendly and interactive it will be. If you have young children, supervision will be needed to ensure the rabbit is handled safely. Rabbits make great pets if you understand and cater to their requirements.

Our babies are handled daily to ensure they are friendly and calm.

CHRISTMAS - Is this the best timing?
In the past at Abbey Green, we had deliberately not had babies available for adoption at Christmas and Easter time, for fear that the poor animal became a 'holiday fad' and forgotten once the novelty wears off. We have since changed our stance on this, as we receive many enquiries throughout the year from families who have planned well in advance. Holiday time can be a great time to bring a new pet home, as the family are home from work/school to help settle the bunny in. We remain selective about the homes that adopt our precious babies, so please don't be offended if we ask a few questions to help us ensure our bunnies are a good fit. Our bunnies are not  'throw-away' gifts. Some considerations are:
- Are you commited to care for the pet for the next 7-10years?
- How will you help the pet feel safe and secure if there are visitors for Christmas celebrations?
- Who will care for your new family member if you have a holiday planned?
We reserve the right to refuse sale if we consider it in the best interests of the bunny. 

So how do we make it happen?
Please scroll down the page to see our babies who are available for adoption. If you would like to meet a baby, check out the Purchase Information and contact us VIA SMS OR EMAIL to arrange a visit.

As a general rule, we like for people to visit and meet the rabbit they are considering to adopt. This allows you to get a feel for their personality and ask questions. We understand its not always easy to visit (time/travel), you may want to surprise your family, or you may have your heart set on a particular bunny and don't want to risk missing out. In these cases, please provide a little information about the home you are offering, and a bank transfer deposit can be arranged. 

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the rabbit of your choice
Rabbits are not considered sold until deposit is received - NO EXCEPTIONS

What about collection?
The babies will be 8 weeks old and available for collection the week before Christmas, with final pre-Christmas collections up till the 23rd December. Its important to keep things quiet the first few days to minimise stress from changing environments. Don't forget, a rabbit's natural defence is to run and hide, but in a new home they won't know where they can go for safety. Therefore, collection is NOT AVAILABLE Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. The excitement of Christmas morning can be difficult to keep things calm and quiet, hence its vital to have bunny settled into their new hutch in advance. Some families have found the garage (provided its a cool area), ensuite or parents bedroom, or grandparents/friend's home as helpful places to hide a surprise bunny and its hutch - thankfully they are quiet little critters and won't ruin the secret with noise.


All rabbit babies come with first vaccinations at 4 and 8 weeks of age, initial food, care information, treated for parasites (internal and external), teeth checked, nails clipped, and pet follow up support from a breeder with 14 years of experience. 

$180 each


Additional Vaccination against Calicivirus (RHDV1/RHDV1 K5) at 12weeks of age ADD $55ea


Additional Vaccination, 2kg Bag Feed Mix, XL 3kg Bag of Oaten Hay, Healthy Rabbit Treats ADD $90ea


Chocolate Buck $180ea 


Chocolate Buck

Remember, the average life expectancy of a rabbit is 7-10years, requiring daily care and attention. An adult must assume responsibility for the rabbit. Only loving, long term, responsible homes need apply. Thankyou.